For CYE Presenters and Advocates

The first weekend of January is coming up fast! We are so glad you’ll be a part of CYE 2021 and we want to make sure your community is aware of this valuable opportunity to get together with other creatives and prepare for a productive year—dare we say, their most Creative Year Ever.

Please feel free to copy and paste these social media posts and the email to help promote your session or customize them as you see fit. Let’s get excited!  If you need something custom, please let us know.

Official Hashtag:  #CYE21

Copy & Paste Posts (Select the Tab for the Social Network Copy)

Subject: Spark, Ignite and Strategize at #CYE21


Hi [Name],

Most of the creatives I know are beyond ready to move on from this crazy year and get started on their goals for 2021. But first, we have to set those goals and create a plan for measuring them so we can really own our success. (This is the part most of us struggle with.)

Spend the first weekend of the new year brainstorming, goal setting and plotting your most Creative Year Ever with a group of other creatives and entrepreneurs. I’ll be there presenting on [insert topic], and I think you will love the rest of the lineup too! 

Register Now for FREE access to the livestream or buy a $25 ticket to get links to the recordings. 

Happy New Year and good riddance, 2020!

Hope to see you there.




I’m kicking off my most @creativeyearever with a presentation on [insert topic] at #CYE21 the first weekend in January! Join me for FREE and access a ton of other great goal-setting and idea-generating sessions or buy a ticket to get links to the recordings. #goalsetting2021


We’ve all gotten a little clearer on our purpose this year, and 2021 is shaping up to be the most @creativeyearever! Check out this exciting conference (with a free option!) coming up January 2nd and 3rd and get inspired, but also get organized to crush your creative goals this year. #creativity #letsdothis


 ———- option 1———

I can’t wait to spill my best insights on [insert topic] at this free virtual conference coming up January 2 and 3! Join me and a great lineup of other creatives to spark ideas and plan ahead for the most @creativeyearever.


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 ———- option 2———

Who’s ready to put 2020 behind us and have the most @creativeyearever? There’s a free 2-day virtual conference for creatives the very first weekend in January that you won’t want to miss! Find your creative community and let’s get inspired together.


#CYE21 #creativeentrepreneur #creatives #goalsetting2021 #entrepreneurlife #virtualconference #freeevent #contentcreation #onlineconference


Plan ahead to make 2021 your most #CreativeYearEver! Join me and a bunch of other creatives at @contentacademy’s virtual conference January 2 and 3. [Optional: Insert sentence about your presentation] Reserve your spot now! It’s going to be 2 powerful days of idea generation and organization. See you there?  #CYE21 #virtualconference


Some experts are predicting that the trials of 2020 will bring us a creative renaissance in 2021. Get a jump on your passion projects or open yourself up to some inspiration at the Creative Year Ever virtual conference with @contentacademy! Check out the lineup of presenters and RSVP to get access before January 2. #CYE21 #virtualconference


What the world needs now is #creativity! Check out my presentation on [insert topic] at the @creativeyearevr #virtualconference the first weekend of the new year! #CYE21


Looking to connect with other creatives in the new year? Don’t miss #CYE21 January 2 and 3. Get inspired and make the connections you need to make 2021 your most Creative Year Ever!  #CYE21 #virtualconference #creatives