I’m pleased to provide you with a stellar lineup of experts in their respective fields. I have selected these speakers for their expertise, motivation, and creativity. 

Gail Zugerman

Powering the Growing Older with Gusto® Podcast 

Gail Zugerman is the host of Growing Older with Gusto® podcast co-produced with Scott Winterroth and is a blogger on aging in a positive and productive way with helpful advice for people at all stages. 

9:30 AM
Central Time, Saturday, January 2

Melissa Matson - Keynote

Out of Autopilot and into Presence

Melissa Matson is a transformational coach, movement and voice expert with 30 years of experience. She guides those in business to fulfill their purpose and impact the world in a big way.

10 AM Central Time

Saturday, January 2

Scott Winterroth

Unlock your power of Creative FOCUS

Scott Winterroth is the co-founder of Content Academy® and organizer of Creative Year Ever!™  Creativity is in you, and Scott believes that everyone is more creative then they let themselves think they are.  With a thoughtful approach to your goals and your creativity, we will help you crush your goals in 2021.

11 AM Central Time, Saturday, January 2

Stephanie Gandsey

Micro Goals: Taking the First Step to Regaining Control 

Stephanie Gandsey’s experience all stems from a love for human communication–from group, in-person communication to all things digital like social media and content marketing. With over 15 years of experience in communication, marketing, and leadership development, she enjoys working with organizations looking to grow their people and bottom line.

Working in nonprofits, small businesses, and large companies, Stephanie designs growth plans with a heavy focus on how people communicate with their coworkers and how leaders communicate within their groups. She has worked with several companies on helping them understand and utilize the digital age of media to their advantage, especially as part of change management plans. She is a current board member for the Association of Accounting Marketing helping shape the Vision 2025 plan.

Stephanie is certified in the PREP Profiles self-awareness assessment. Stephanie enjoys taking fitness classes and weight lifting. She has a passion for taking family trips to Walt Disney World as well as any National Parks.

12 PM Central Time, Saturday, January 2

Alisha Bradley

Creating Miracles During a Pandemic

Alisha is a Mindset Coach, Manifestation Specialist and CEO of ReFind You; helping individuals recalibrate their mindset to enhance their everyday performance and overall lifestyle. She incorporates brain science, psychology and experiential mindfulness practices to assist individuals and corporate teams with creating long-lasting, sustainable shifts to align with their big, seemingly impossible goals.

Alisha comes highly qualified and credentialed, with an MA in Clinical Psychology, a BA in Education, a Certified Domestic Violence Counselor, Certified Life Coach and Image Consultant; with over a decade worth of combined experience as a coach, educator, researcher and mental health counselor.

Alisha helps her clients extract their strengths and activate their unique gifts in a new way; equipping them with the tools to create the life they desire with less resistance and an amplified sense of power, clarity and ease!

1 PM Central Time, Saturday, January 2

Alana Dawson

The Podcast Party Coach

 Alana is a podcast coach, editor, and podcast producer who is on a mission to take the overwhelm, frustration, & stress out of podcasting, and put the fun back in! Alana is the host of The Podcasting Party Podcast, where she shares simplified step-by-step instructions, and easy-to-implement strategies for podcasters of all stages & phases. 

2 PM Central Time, Saturday, January 2

Maddy Osman

How to Write a Kick-Ass Blog Post

Maddy Osman is an SEO Content Strategist who works with clients like AAA, Automattic, Kinsta, and Sprout Social. Her background in WordPress web design contributes to a well-rounded understanding of SEO and how to connect brands to relevant search prospects. Learn more about her process and experience on her website, www.The-Blogsmith.com and read her latest articles on Twitter: @MaddyOsman.

3 PM Central Time, Saturday, January 2

Jimmy Rose

Productivity Tips for the busy business owner

 Jimmy is the co-founder of Content Snare, a SaaS used by agencies to collect content from their clients. On the side he helps online business drastically reduce admin time by automating as much as possible. 

4 PM Central Time, Saturday, January 2

Sarah Pickett

In Your Element: Jump Start Your Creative Impulses Through The Power of the Zodiac

Sarandipity has been studying astrology for over 20 years. She started teaching astrology 10 years ago, and now teaches 2-3 online classes a week for astrologers at various levels. She has a thriving consultation practice, and teaches one on one classes as well.

5 PM Central Time, Saturday, January 2

Reno Lovison

Creative Networking in 2021

Reno Lovison is a seasoned Chicago marketing professional specializing in web video production and is the author of “Turn Your Business Card Into Business.”

6 PM Central Time,

Saturday, January 2

Daleele Alison

From a side Hustle to Full Freedom – Going all in with your business. 

Daleele is a technology professional and entrepreneur. He currently is the CEO of RooksDM where he helps small businesses save time by implementing technology solutions that make their processes more efficient. Daleele has worked as a consultant, business analyst, and project manager for various companies that range in size from fortunate 500 to SMBs. He started RooksDM in 2014 as a side project and eventually grew it to a point where he was able to quit his full-time job to focus on RooksDM full-time.

9:30 AM
Central Time

Sunday, January 3

Erin Leonard - Keynote

Tap Into Your Creative Super Power to Turbo-Charge Your Business (& Career!)

Erin is a marketing and event planning extraordinaire with over ten years of experience. She specializes in adult education, event content, programming, marketing, strategy, and speaker selection. In 2019, Erin founded Erin Leonard Events (ELE) where she creates experiences including events, webinars, and marketing campaigns that resonate with a target audience. She has always strived to use her work to make the world a more just and equitable place. As the CEO of a small business, Erin brings a unique perspective to interviews as an interviewer, moderator, and facilitator. Previously, she worked at Collaborative Communications as the Director of Meetings and Events and as an Intern at the White House.

10 AM Central Time Sunday, January 3

Alicia Dale

DIY – Write Your Own Book, Tips & Tricks from a Nonfiction and Business Book Ghostwriter

A long-time business professional, Alicia Dale turned the page of her career to become a full-time professional writer. She ghostwrites nonfiction and business books for people, companies, and associations. Alicia has an insatiable curiosity and loves to use her gift of writing to help others get their messages to the audiences that need to hear them. Some of the projects she has worked on include: A Guide to Health Care Engineering; a Guide to Personal Injury Law; and a book on the effects of Lyme Disease.

11 AM Central Time, Sunday, January 3

Dan Spillane

Your Holistic Wellness – Dare to Enlighten Fitness

Dan Spillane’s passion is to make the world a better, healthier place than he found it. To that goal, Dan brings strong leadership, team creation/development, risk management, process transformation, strategy development & change management skills to empower his clients, teams, and community to realize their vision(s).

12 PM Central Time, Sunday, January 3

Joe Casabona

Automating Podcast Bookings (and Other Time Saving Tips)

Don’t let Joe’s Master’s Degree in Computer Science intimidate you; he is not only an approachable guy, but a born teacher. Joe started his career almost 20 years ago as a freelance web developer before realizing his true passion, which is sharing his years of knowledge about website development, podcasting and course creation with other business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs in need. Joe has a gift for breaking down concepts that scare people into bite-sized, approachable pieces of information they can implement in a matter of days.

1 PM Central Time, Sunday, January 3

Kelsey Hoff

Journal to Blog Basics: Create a Journaling Practice

Kelsey Hoff is a content specialist and blogging enabler who writes web copy, whitepapers and blogs for mission-driven organizations and also coaches solopreneurs on developing their own content. She writes persuasive, emotionally intelligent content that “listens first” for greater engagement and authenticity, and she created the Journal to Blog method that she teaches. Kelsey received her MFA in poetry from Columbia College Chicago, and her goal in all writing projects is to build empathy through storytelling.

2 PM Central Time, Sunday January 3

Juan Saurez & Jorge Almodovar

Servant Leadership- The key to personal and professional growth

Join us in exploring how the concept of service can help you grow in your personal and professional roles. Learn more about how Juan and Jorge have leverage their vision of service to build relationships, improve school systems and impact the overall academic and social emotional well being of many teachers, students and other educational leaders.

3 PM Central Time, Sunday, January 3

Sahara Rose De Vore

Turning your Passion into a Purpose

Sahara Rose De Vore is a Travel and Business Coach and the founder of The Travel Coach Network. She spent a decade traveling the globe to over 84 countries by the time that she was 30 to gain an even deeper perspective on the travel industry. After believing that there had to be more to a travel career than blogging and bookings, Sahara Rose became a pioneer in the travel coaching industry. She educates, empowers, inspires, and helps ambitious women travelers from all around the world bring to life their own meaningful travel-focused businesses that align their travel expertise with the impact that they make on the lives of others. She is a published author, a speaker, and has been seen in various media outlets including Thrive Global, Forbes, Skift, Yahoo! Finance, USA Today, Corporate Wellness Magazine, Business Insider, Ticker News, and U.S News & World Report for her expertise. Sahara Rose was a 2019 nominee by career-changing women in the travel industry for rising female leader, best female coach, and best innovative trailblazer.

4 PM Central Time, Sunday, January 3

Lauren Ramsey

Social Media Marketing: It doesn’t have to suck

Lauren Ramsey creates digital marketing strategies to help businesses create thriving communities of engaged fans and returning customers. She founded her boutique agency in 2010 and has lived through all the changes that have happened in the social media landscape since nearly its inception.

5 PM Central Time, Sunday, January 3

Stephen Lome

A Practical Approach to Passion

Former residential real estate developer, SCORE small business mentor, author of “The $500 Cup of Coffee, a Lifestyle Approach to Financial Independence”, and developer of the “Pay or Save,” the shopping app that makes savings fun.

6 PM Central Time, Sunday, Janaury 3