9:00 am | Track: Talks

Gail Zugerman

Powering the Growing Older with Gusto Podcast

10:00 am | Track: Motivation

Melissa Matson - Keynote

Out of Autopilot and into Presence

11:00 am | Track: Motivation

Scott Winterroth

Unlock Your Power of Creative FOCUS

12:00 pm | Track: Business

Stephanie Gandsey

Micro Goals: Taking the First Step to Regaining Control

1:00 pm | Track: Motivation

Alisha Bradley

Manifesting Coach

2:00 pm | Track: Business

Alana Dawson

The Podcast Party

3:00 pm | Track: Business

Maddy Osman

How To Write A Kick-Ass Blog Post

4:00 pm | Track: Business

James "Jimmy" Rose

Productivity Tools And Tricks

5:00 pm | Track: Talks

Sarah Pickett


6:00 pm | Track: Talks

Reno Lovison

Creative Networking In 2021

7:00 pm

Accountability Icebreaker

Creative Networking In 2021


9:00 am | Track: Talks

Dalelle Allison

From A Side Hustle To Full Freedom – Going All In With Your Business

10:00 am | Track: Motivation

Erin Lenord - Keynote

Tap Into Your Creative Super Power To Turbo-Charge Your Business (& Career)

11:00 am | Track: Business

Alicia Dale

DIY – Write Your Own Book, Tips & Tricks From A Nonfiction Business Writer

12:00 pm | Track: Motivation

Juan Suarez & Jorge Almodovar

Servant Leadership – The Key To Personal And Professional Growth

1:00 pm | Track: Business

Joe Casabona

Automating Podcast Booking And Other Time Saving Tips

2:00 pm | Track: Motivation

Dan Spillane

Your Holistic Wellness – Dare To Enlighten Fitness

3:00 pm | Track: Business

Kelsey Hoff

Journal To Blog Basics: Create a Journaling Practice

4:00 pm | Track: Motivation

Sahara Rose

Turning Your Passion Into A Purpose

5:00 pm | Track: Business

Lauren Ramsey

Social Media Marketing: It Doesn’t Have To Suck

6:00 pm | Track: Talks

Steven Lome

A Practical Approach To Passion

7:00 pm

VIP Reception/After Party