Make 2021 Your Most Creative Year Ever!

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  • Build Better Resolutions
  • Find Accountability
  • Lead into what works for you
  • Unleash your creative freedom

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Download your copy of the Creative Year Ever! Workbook for FREE. Hurry, this offer will disappear on January 3, 2021.

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Thrive in the Creative Economy

Unlock your true creative potential and tackle some of business’ biggest problems.  Those who can provide solutions are in demand more than ever as entire industries face uncertainty. Become the SOLUTION. 

Design your destiny

When you dial into what you really when, then you can focus on the steps required to get where you want to go in your career and in your life.  Let creativity guide you to making smart decision that you won’t regret. 

Achieve your Goals THIS YEAR

This year is probably the best opportunity for launching your new self. Join the movement and learn about fun ways to build accountability and focus on what matters most to you.  Don’t let others steal your creativity; lean how to leverage it for your own best interest. 

You're Invited! Creative Year Ever Virtual Summit

Join us at the Creative Year Ever! Virtual Summit, January 2 – 3, 2021. This free event is packed with over 20 presenters and sessions with helpful topics from creative entrepreneurship to goal setting and productivity.   Register for now for free or become a VIP attendee for just $25.   

“Creatives have a unique way of getting things done. CYE is a fluid, fun, focused process of doing even more. Scott Winterroth provides strategies and tips as he helps creative professionals build upon their distinctive talents. Anyone who harnesses the power of CYE will have an edge in the creative economy.”  
Alicia Dale

Nonfiction and Business Book Ghostwriter

“CYE is a unique opportunity to not just hone in on your own goals for the new year, but see what other creatives are doing and expand your horizons a little bit. There’s so much packed into these 2 days of workshops! It’s hard not to come away with more ideas than you can process at one time.”
Kelsey Hoff

Content Marketing Specialist