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Journal to Blog Basics: Create a Journaling Practice - Creative Year Ever!

Journal to Blog Basics: Create a Journaling Practice

Kelsey Hoff

The biggest hurdle separating successful content creators from those who fizzle out is dedication, and deadlines alone are not the answer. Accountability is good, but it doesn’t work for everyone. How often do you think you could publish if you had a well of content ideas to pull from and a system to organize them? The Journal to Blog method takes all the pressure of the idea phase of content creation so when it’s time to publish, the magical, creative part of the process is already done. And with practice, reading your own journal will help you develop an eye for which stories are interesting and valuable to your audience. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to create a journaling habit that sticks, set some intentions for your own practice and get a preview of how to turn your scribbles into impressive content.

Kelsey Hoff is a content specialist and blogging enabler who writes web copy, whitepapers and blogs for mission-driven organizations and also coaches solopreneurs on developing their own content. She writes persuasive, emotionally intelligent content that “listens first” for greater engagement and authenticity, and she created the Journal to Blog method that she teaches. Kelsey received her MFA in poetry from Columbia College Chicago, and her goal in all writing projects is to build empathy through storytelling.


Jan 03 2021


Central Time
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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