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Automating Podcast Bookings (and Other Time Saving Tips) - Creative Year Ever!

Automating Podcast Bookings (and Other Time Saving Tips)

Joe Casabona

Podcasting takes a lot of time! From finding and booking guests, to recording, pre-production, and promoting. And when you do book guests, you want to make sure they’re properly prepared – good communication is key. Luckily, there are ways to save you time AND make sure communication doesn’t fall through the wayside. In this talk, you’ll learn tried and true methods for automating podcast booking and guest communication in a way that still gives everything a personal touch. Save hours in outreach time so you can focus on producing the best podcast you possibly can!

Don’t let Joe Casabona’s Master’s Degree in Computer Science intimidate you; he is not only an approachable guy, but a born teacher.

Joe started his career almost 20 years ago as a freelance web developer before realizing his true passion, which is sharing his years of knowledge about website development, podcasting and course creation with other business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs in need. Joe has a gift for breaking down concepts that scare people into bite-sized, approachable pieces of information they can implement in a matter of days.

Joe’s career trajectory includes 20+ years experience building websites, 16+ years using WordPress, 11+ years teaching at the college level, 7+ years podcasting, plus he is the author of four books, including his latest: HTML and CSS: Visual QuickStart Guide

When he’s not creating courses for LinkedIn Learning, you can find Joe spending time with his family, enjoying baseball, or talking too much about Star Wars.


Jan 03 2021


Central Time
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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