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Creative Year Ever!™ Virtual Summit | Make This New Year Your Best Yet

Virtual Summit

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New Year’s is here. Got your resolutions ready? Gonna start that new business? Finish that screenplay? Put up that website? Double your income? Or come February, will those resolutions once again end up being boxed away, along with the holiday decorations?

Make 2021 the year you’ll finally get them done.


What it will take is one of the most valuable assets you already own: Creativity. Watch the Creative Year Ever! Virtual Summit and learn how to leverage your creativity to your advantage.

Live your most creative self and launch your most creative year ever!

Stop the Excuses:

We’ve all been there. We set goals we don’t attain. Make resolutions we don’t keep. Because if there’s one thing we can be very good at, it’s constructing our own obstacles. Recognize any of these characters?


  • The Tortoise: You’ve set big goals, but are taking forrrrevvveerrr to achieve them
  • The Procrastinator: Always putting goals on the back burner. Other duties call!
  • The Rut Dweller: You’re stuck. Can’t spin out of the same old same old.
  • The Comparison Shopper: Always comparing yourself to others – and feeling you’re not as good.
  • The Sick & Tired: Tired of creating great content that’s met with crickets when you hit “Publish!”
  • The Imposter: Constantly worried you’ll be outed as a phony.
  • The Pleaser: It’s so much easier to please others rather than achieve your own goals, isn’t it?
  • The Perfectionist: You’re never finished because it’s never good enough!
  • The Self-Saboteur: You come up with every reason in the book to stop yourself.
  • The Scaredy-Cat: The fear of failing has you in its grip. So why bother trying?
  • The Gearhead: You’ve got all the gear you need to make content but you never seem to have time to do it.

Enough is Enough?

Unfortunately, 2020 was a lousy year for most. Don’t make 2021 a repeat.

Watch the Creative Year Ever! Virtual Summit recordings from January 2 – 3, 2021, and get ideas for tapping into what matters the most to you. Build your development toolbox and ready for your true potential. Plus get practical advice from colleagues that are making it happen… and willing to share.  

Leverage the best tools of “The Creative Economy”

Define, set up and hurdle over your goals

Supercharge your productivity

Design a roadmap for your business

Network with like-minded, high-vibe peers to make connections, strike collaborations and achieve accountability

Unleash Your Potential
and leverage your most creative self this year.


Presented by Content Academy

But what if, you may ask…

What if you’re not in a writer, artist, musician – the stereotypical types we tend to think of as “creative”?   

News flash: We are all creative. Yup. Every. Single. One of us. Just by nature of being human!  Learn how to leverage your most creative self and build a sustainable business around your creativity and talent to thrive in the creative economy. 

Who this event is for: 

  • Content Creators
  • Entreprenuers
  • Marketing & PR Folks
  • Designers
  • Event Planners/Producers
  • Educators
  • Problem Solvers
  • Writers
  • Non-Profit/Museum/Cultural Workers
  • Volunteers
  • Anyone looking to leverage creativity in a whole new way 

Make 2021 your most
Creative Year Ever!

Download the Creative Year Ever!™ Workbook and prepare yourself for rocking out the entire year.

Make 2021 your most
Creative Year Ever!

Download the Creative Year Ever!™ Workbook and prepare yourself for rocking out the entire year.

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